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Privacy Policy

Personal information

When you purchase a product from our online store, we ask you for some personal information that we can use to identify you and contact you regarding your payment. The information that we ask for is:

  • Your name and address
  • Your phone and fax numbers (optional)
  • Your email address

What we do with this information

We store this information on our server so that we can keep a record of your purchase for accounting purposes, and so that we can send you an invoice or receipt of your order. We also use your address and/or email address as a delivery address, so that we can send you the product(s) that you ordered.

We may also use your email address to email you occasionally regarding the product(s) you ordered, to confirm that you received the product(s) and to ask you for feedback on the product(s) so that we can improve our products and services. You may ask us at any time to stop sending you further emails of this nature.

What we do not do with this information

We do not give, sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party under any circumstances. The only other company we share your information with is our secure payment provider, so that your credit/debit card transaction can be completed.

We do not send unsolicited commercial email ("spam") to your email address.

Viewing your personal information

You can, at any time, contact us to request full details of your personal information that we have recorded. Send your email to sales@ezatvparts.com.

Credit/Debit Card Information

When you make a purchase from our online store, our secure payment provider will ask you for your credit/debit card details in order to make the transaction. The information that our secure payment provider asks for is:

  • Your card number
  • Your card security code (printed on the back of the card)
  • Your card expiration date
  • The name printed on your card

Questions or Comments?

Our aim is to be clear and up-front about how we store and use your personal information, so that you may feel reassured and safe when you shop with us. If you need any more information on our privacy policy, or would like to make any comments, please send your email to sales@ezatvparts.com

Thank you for shopping with us!